Body Snatchers, Replicas, and Consequences

Things have been strange and I’ve lately been feeling very much like a character strait from a Phillip K. Dick novel.  Dick’s themes dealing with the fallibility of  consciousness and identity have been both interesting and frightening to me.

Many of Dick’s characters are not who they think they are.  Many of them are not even WHAT they think they are.  Like the notorious Blade Runner – a replica programed to think he’s a human, or Louis Rosen from “We Can Build You.”  Rosen is one of the most frightening characters I’ve ever encountered.  He appears, by nearly every aspect of narrative, to be real.  And you see the story through his eyes.  So convincing is this character, in fact, that you may not even see for yourself the one confusing flaw that is the axis on which the plot reveals itself as a terrifying ordeal. (Spoiler Alert) Louis Rosen was once a real human being, but has been replaced by a robot who truly thinks he is Louis Rosen.  Where the real Louis went, no one knows – and we only see life through the eyes of his replacement.

I feel as if some time ago, very long ago, there was a person.  That person was taken away – snatched up – to somewhere for some reason and replaced… with me.  I have every look and feel of that person, a few of its memories, and a good imprint of its developmental makeup.  I very much believed that I was in fact that person.  There was something about me, though.  Something not quite believable.  And after years and years of not quite getting the part, not quite making the role, I’ve realized I was never the person I thought I was.

I’ve re-posted the old Consequences from Science Fiction Journal.  I was finally able to figure out how to drag the file name through the transformation process in order to display it as the title at the top of your story.  (I know this is just a bunch of jargon, but it was terribly difficult to figure out and I’m very happy that it works now!)

Replicate, replace, read, repeat with the surrealist game of CONSEQUENCES!

It’s come to the point where serious design modes are being considered.  The design and format of Mutant Creations will become more solid in the next few months.

In the meantime, maybe checkout this awesome novel by Phillip K. Dick.


Keep it surreal,
— Mr. Mutant

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