Retro Review: Count Zero

I was intrigued enough with William Gibson’s “Neuromancer” to continue along with his “Sprawl Trilogy.”  I found the second book, “Count Zero,” to be written with a more refined style.  The plot was far more engaging and aimed at the idea of convergence.  Gibson’s ideas are artful, hip, and well constructed.  It was a fun read with lightning fast narrative that kept me interested.  The only disappointment I have with “Count Zero” is that, much like with “Neuromancer,” when the story is finished I feel nothing for the characters.  Perhaps this is intended – do to the mechanical nature of the themes in these books, or maybe it is (what I see as a shortcoming) in Gibson’s still-developing writing style — the cyberpunk themes allowing for the lack of character development.

I still think “Count Zero” is a great read, and if you’re considering reading this book you should certainly pick up a copy of “Neuromancer” to get you introduced to Gibson’s world. I’m looking forward to the third book in this series: “Mona Lisa Overdrive.”

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