Turn and Face the Strange

It’s been about five years since I began development for sciencefictionjournal.com (R.I.P.)  As an amateur web coder, I had big plans for the site and most of them came into fruition only after countless hours of obsessive laboring and research.  Even though I had a very limited number of viewers – mostly friends who showed support – I considered the website to be a success overall.  It did, in fact, end up tackling the great problem that it was intended to solve – which was to allow the end user to access formatted content without giving them the ability to download or copy the material.  I owe much thanks to Inventive Labs for creating the Monocle ereader under an open source license.

Well, that was then.  It’s hard to imagine that just five years ago Android had just shown its face to the world and ebook readers were priced upward of $300 or more.  And while I had started to develop Science Fiction Journal with the mobile age in mind, I did not see the tablet trend coming.  The publishing industry suddenly and brilliantly mutated into an app-based market where content could be retrieved from the cloud, and publishers actually began to think of ways to profit from managing content digitally.  Inventive Labs took their wonderful ideas from Monocle and Booki.sh and created a mobile app that allows you to rent and read digital books from libraries.  Their new app is called Overdrive and you can get it for any of your devices at overdive.com.  Hell, even Mad Libs have an app now.

Things have certainly changed.  My ideas have changed also. While I have decided to be more reserved about sharing the notes and characters which are in development for larger pieces, I do still want to expand on different ways to present content and to allow ideas to reach audiences in an open forum.  With these things in mind, Mutant Creations will be built on the foundations of Science Fiction Journal, but will be thematically much more open than the restricted dark sci-fi world I had begun to build for the previous site. (If you’ve just happened to stumble upon me, follow the link if you would like to see the old Science Fiction Journal)

Thanks for reading.  Please stay tuned for more from mutantcreations.com

— Mr. Mutant

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