What's New?

Mr. Mutant is Back!
Today I bring the site back. There will be mutations, there will be Consequences!
Back in My Day...
To commemorate Labor Day and in honor everyone's hard work, I've toiled in the mire to bring you this new story. It's called "The Mines of Europa" and can be found in the Consequences section of the plaza. Peace and love.
Mr. Mutant for President!
A new story entitled "Mr. Mutant for President" is in the consequences section. The site should be ready by the end of the week. Joy.
Up in the Air
The second crossword is up. It's called "Up in the Air." Take to the sky.
"I deeply regret ever having been a holy man. I wish I had never prayed for a soul. Man was much better off when the Gods just left us alone."